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    Nutritional therapy for Diabetes Daily Care

    Author : Lisa Date : 2015-5-5 13:59:59
    More and more people become diabetes nowadays and it will be larger in the future, that warn us to pay great attention to prediabetes and diabetes care in daily life, we need to prevent and control diabetes effectively via different ways. And in this page let's discuss nutritional therapy for diabetes daily care together, which is the most safe and best way for diabetes except physical infrared therapy system devices for diabetes healthcare.

    Nutritional therapy is a challenging but necessary dimension in the management of diabetes.

    As for children with IDDM, a goal is to match diet to insulin requirements to ensure normal growth and development. By contrast, in obese NIDDM patients, it is important to achieve and maintain a reasonable or realistic body weight. Successful long-term weight loss for obese NIDDM patients remains an elusive and difficult task. According to current guidelines, dietary protein intake should constitute 10%-20% of total daily calories. Saturated and polyunsaturated fat should each be limited to <10% of total daily calories, and the remaining 60%-70% of calories, composed of monounsaturated fat and carbohydrate, may be tailored to individual needs. Cholesterol should be limited to ≤300 mg daily. A large body of literature shows no significant difference in glycemic control from sucrose or complex carbohydrate forms. Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber is healthy for all individuals, and the recommended daily consumption is 20-35 g, which is two to three times the average daily consumption.

    When optimal diet with weight reduction and exercise fail to restore adequate glycemic control in NIDDM patients, pharmacologic treatment should be considered. And also try the physical infrared therapy for diabete daily care, which can improve diabetes people blood circulation to help wound healing, relieve pain, promote bone formation and other good effect on peripheral neuropathy.