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    Infrared Therapy System HW-2000

    Infrared Therapy System HW-2000 Infrared Therapy System HW-2000 Infrared Therapy System HW-2000
    Product name : Infrared Therapy System HW-2000
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    Huatai Vascular and Neural Treatment Apparatus (Diabetic Therapy System/ Near Infrared Treatment Device) is an effective, drug-free and non-invasive device which can deliver 885nm infrared energy through light emmitting diodes (LED) mounted in the therapy pads without any side effect. When the therapy pads are placed on the surface of skin directly, the infrared energy can penetrate into 5cm depth absorbed by haemoglobins in the body, spuring endothelial cells on the inner wall of blood vessels to produce NO, decreasing inducible NOs. Then the blood vessels begin to dilate and local circulation advanced, thus wound healing up, pain relief or sense of equilibrium enhanced.

    Compared to traditional photo-system device, we especially designed 3 levels of intensity gears for you to choose, avoiding unnecessary troubles even dangers, that are: strong, moderate and low, and 4 levels of time-controlling: 40min, 30min, 20min, and 10min respectively. 

    Different from traditional therapy methods, Huatai? Near Infrared Treatment Device is working to stimulate the body's natural rapair processes at the cellular level. Furthermore, the therapy device is more convenient and effective because it’s easy to set up before treatment and four pads can work at the same time. The comfortable treatments are more likely to benefit from the accumulative effects of infrared therapy. Besides, this apparatus could also treat for a wide range, for example, patients can be treated with contraindications of other therapy methods, such as nerve impairments, metal implants, pacemakers, screws and defibrillators.

    Technical specifications 885nm infrared ray Un-interrupted therapy 4 flexible pads 66 light emitting diodes per pad Strong, middle, mild intensity gears. Strong=4mw, middle=3.5mw, mild=3mw A device can deliver energy up to 1056mw 40min, 30min, 20min, 10min time gears Portable and convenient to use No consume materials Use at hospital, clinic or home.

    HW2000 include:

    Components Main control unit
    4 Therapy pads/8 Therapy pads Attachment straps
    Electronic Display Screen Indicator Lights  Gears
    On/off switch

    Theory:  Radial

    Export Markets:  North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

    Company: Beijing Huatai Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.